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Vegetable Sammich

I can't believe I made it LOL...I thought it was an utterance because of how sick I felt when I wrote the January 27th, 2021 post. Man I felt awful! But here we are and I made it. I had said that I would give up eating out for 2 months but I gave up much more. I gave up eating out AND gave up all meat, chicken and pork (I'm not really enjoying this anyway) in a nutshell I tried to be a vegan for two months well...it didn't work, I COULDN'T give up cheese. When I told my friend about being a vegan she simply asked and I reiterate, YOU GAVE UP CHEESE??? We both laughed because we know it would be near impossible!

I have to say it was not really that bad, the last couple of weeks I started to feel it though... I just wanted some roasted chicken thighs! What did I learn about myself? I learned that if I put my mind to something I can get it done, except giving up cheese of-course! But it also taught me that if I really wanted to I could change the way I eat and stick to it. I learned how to cook the most fabulous vegetarian meals which I will be sharing. Enjoy your sammich!

Vegetable Sammich

3 slices of multigrain bread


Honey salsa

1 tomato

Slices of aged white cheddar

Lettuce from my garden

Layers my peeps, layers

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