• Wangeci Kamau

Spinach stuffed chicken with spicy rice


1 large boneless, skinless chicken breast

1 C baby spinach

2 red chilies (diced)

2 T cream cheese

2 T mozzarella cheese

1 onion (diced)

1/2 red pepper (sliced)

1 C cooked rice

2 garlic cloves (diced)

Olive oil

Foil to bake the chicken breast

Turn on the oven as you begin the preparation of the chicken

In a bowl: Mix the cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, 1 diced chili, 1 garlic clove and baby spinach.

Split the breast and rub olive oil over it and season it with chicken seasoning

Scoop the cheese and spinach mix into the middle of the breast

Pin the breast closed with toothpicks to hold the breast together by inserting them on either side of the breast pockets.

Place the foil onto the baking tray and pour 2 T of olive oil

Place the chicken breast on the foil and fully wrap it with the foil

Place the baking tray with chicken into the oven

Bake for 30 to 35 minutes

Fried Rice

In a frying pan, pour 1 T olive oil and 1 onion

Add 1 clove of garlic and red pepper

Cook for 2 -3 minutes add 1/2 cup of rice

Season with salt and pepper

Simmer for another 3 minutes and turn off

Your rice is now ready.

Plate and Serve. ENJO

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