• Wangeci Kamau

Sirloin steak

So! I recently won a bet that I had with my colleagues (@Andrew and @ Nelson)...actually I lie, it was last year that I won my bet but those peeps didn't want to part with chumes (UGX) so they dragged it out forever....push forward to mid May! They had had enough of my bitching about my steak so they paid up finally不不不

So this past Sunday I took myself out to lunch at here and ordered the Sirloin. It was a tough decision between this and the Rump steak but the Sirloin is typically tastier according to my palette.

When my steak arrived it looked superb but upon cutting through I realized that it was well done, not the medium/well that I had asked for... I am not one to eat the live cow (read rare) so I asked them to change it and they very graciously accepted.

I personally believe that is the BEST steak I have had in Uganda. It was juicy and tender, filled with flavor and just enough fat to make me go mmmmmm (Things that make you go mmmm). As I cut into it I could see the red juices just oozing out. That first bite was ere 'thing, the second bite was even more mesmerizing with some creamy mashed potatoes gosh I can still taste the creaminess and lightly saut矇ed vegetables (they were crispy) . The meal was brought together by the perfectly made bearnaise sauce MY GAWWWD that is by far the BEST bearnaise sauce I HAVE EVER tasted. If anyone was taking a of me they would have seen how I closed my eyes every time I took a bite mmmmmmm... The results are as in, all I needed was a nap! I ENJOYED KABISA!!!!!

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