• Wangeci Kamau

January 27th

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

We take food for granted! We always assume we can eat whenever we want. If you have been ill/sick in the past, you know there are times when the last thing we want to do is eat, I know, shocking isn't it! I love food and have never lied about that, which brings me to this story. The last two days I have felt like well...my stomach was dying! I had food poisoning AND what is so interesting/confusing is that to the exact date last year January 27th 2020, I had the exact same problem. I know this because it was a week before Dad passed away. It is now a week to his first anniversary and grief has reared it's ugly head again...what I call manifestation of grief.

Grief manifests it's way in various forms. Grief can actually impact your immune system. Who knew? I know from the last two and a half years my immune system has really taken a beating but not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. As I sit here, feeling better then I did the last couple of days, I have this beautiful photo of Dad which sits in front of me and in it he is looking up at me with a knowing smile and each time I look at it, it seems that he is saying to me, my daughter everything is going to be okay.

We take food for granted! I was advised that for the next couple of days that I should only eat toast and have black tea. And while I know I have lost a couple of grams LOL, I have to still say that I know I am feeling better because all I can think about today is I can't wait to get back into the kitchen to cook something totally yummy! AND I have challenged myself that in the month of February and March I will cook every meal that I eat LOL

Lets see how it goes, it will challenge me to make food that I eat when out!

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