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German Chocolate Pecan Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Ganache

I really need photography classes, I have one of those funky phones with a really good camera but the skills Ngai ZERO.... Anyway we move! A couple of weeks ago, I was hit by what I call the grief factor, you know the one where you wake up in the morning you roll over to the side (I sleep in the middle of my king size bed, but that is a story for another day) so it's actually one and a half rolls okay okay okay (Joe Pesci) you get the bed I mean drift...I knew it was going to be a doozy of a day because I automatically began to weep uncontrollably. Anyone who has been down this journey knows it hits you whenever, and on this day it was the whenever...the only thing I wanted was cake. I am not a sweet tooth person like I used to be, it usually rears its ugly head when I am really down. I knew I could not drive in that state so I decided well, I got me some Betty Crocker is this crib so why not spruce it up a bit...So at 7:00 a.m. got my stufffssss ready and started whisking. Just before I started I sent my boss a message (Yes I am employed) and said my friend, today I KEN'T he understood (Bless him) sooo down another day of Vacay but it's all good! This is how it went...

Turned on the oven, please don't ask me the temperature everyone knows their oven 🙈🤣

German Chocolate

1 Packet Betty Crocker German Chocolate Mix

3 Eggs

1 C Water

1/3 cup oil (I use sunflower)

1 C Pecans


100 grams Milk chocolate - Not sure how this made it into my house as I only eat dark and white chocolate

1 C cream

1/2 C cream cheese

1 t of Vanilla essence (didn't have the good stuff)

I mixed the cake mix and it was enough for two pans. I put them in the oven, after the first couple of minutes I sprinkled the top of both cakes with the pecans.

While I waited for the cakes to bake I started trying to figure out what I would use for the frosting as I did not have any on hand. This is how I discovered I had milk chocolate 🙄 I of course being a kimenyi decided that how about a ganache with some cream cheese and voila a star is born NOTTTT.

The cakes baked for about 20 minutes and I then turned off the oven and got to work on the ganache. I started off by melting the milk chocolate (it would have been so much better with dark chocolate) in a glass bowl over the pot with hot water on low heat, when it was melted I added the cream a little bit a time until it was all mixed. I turned off the stove and took the bowl off the pot and stirred in the cream cheese, folding into the mixture until fully mixed I then added the teaspoon of vanilla. This was just in time to take the cakes out of the oven. I waited about five minutes and took the cakes out of the pan to cool off.

Using a knife I poked holes into the cakes and poured some ganache in each of the holes and when that was done I poured the remaining ganache over the top each cake.

It is interesting that after all that, I had one sliver of cake and was done. The cake was super moist and not mushy and the ganache and pecans took it to a whole 'nother level. The next day my team mates had a field day with the cakes. I have orders, just not sure I love baking enough to make a career change 😜

Grief is such an individual journey, some of us eat cake, some of us cook at 2 in the morning, some of us cry forever, some of us withdraw completely, some of us pretend that we are okay. Some of us have broken hearts from words or actions that were unsaid, some of us have broken hearts from words that were said. Some of us never recover! Whatever your journey, it is yours. I say take it minute by minute, hour by hour and PRAY. That's all you can do. I will never understand death, I just know you are NEVER the same again.

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