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Beef Wellington - Not bad for a first timer

Updated: Jan 3

Plating skills ZERO, Photography skills ZERO. Taste 💯

I have always wanted to make a beef wellington from scratch BUT I always felt so intimidated by the process. All I would say is what if it fails and then I would say so what if it fails? And finally I jumped right in and DID IT! I must say it was exhilarating, for some of you, you might think, why is she stressing? Well, we all have that one dish we feel is very challenging. I watched a few, okay I watched like 50 (slight exaggeration) videos over a period of time. I didn't have all the ingredients but I worked with what I had. What we call low hanging fruit 😉. I don't typically measure when cooking, (except when baking) as I was making a beef wellington for one, so I kept it small. The recipe goes a little like this...


Fillet of beef , trimmed

Olive oil

Unsalted butter

Fresh rosemary

1 red onion chopped

Garlic cloves chopped

Spinach chopped

Puff pastry

Free-range beaten egg


Preheat a large frying pan on a high heat. Rub the beef all over with sea salt and black pepper. Pour some oil into the pan, then add the beef, add some butter and a sprig of rosemary.

Sear the beef for 4 minutes in total, turning regularly with tongs, then remove to a plate.

Wipe out the pan and return to a medium heat. Pour some oil, add the onion and garlic, then very finely chop and add the spinach into the pan with the some butter. Cook until soft.

Preheat the oven (Everyone knows their oven 🤣🤣)

On a flour-dusted surface, roll out the pastry, ensure that it is enough to wrap around the beef fillet. With one of the longer edges in front of you, spread the spinach over the pastry, leaving a gap at either end and at the edge furthest away from you – egg wash these edges.

Sit the beef on the spinach then, starting with the edge nearest to you, snugly wrap the pastry around the beef, pinching the ends to seal.

Transfer the Wellington to a large baking tray lined with greaseproof paper, with the pastry seal at the base, and brush all over with egg wash (you can prep to this stage, then refrigerate until needed – just get it out 1½ hours before cooking so it’s not fridge-cold).

When you’re ready to cook, heat the tray on the hob for a couple of minutes to start crisping up the base, then transfer to the oven and cook for 40 minutes for blushing, juicy beef – the two end portions will be more cooked, but usually some people prefer that.

Once cooked, rest the Wellington for 5 minutes, then serve in slices.

I ate mine with a simple garden salad 😋

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