• Wangeci Kamau

Be Intentional in 2022

Lilies and Roses are my favorite flowers, white calla lilies and yellow roses to be specific, I don't buy them often enough but I am purposing to do so in 2022.

It is often said that hurt people, hurt people. When a friend of mine first said those words to me a few years ago, I didn’t understand what she meant and I didn’t really want to ask her as she was going through some hurting of her own. I know in the past I have certainly hurt loved ones and though it may not have been intentional I now know that chances are sometimes it was intentional. A friend once said to me that there is unintentional hurt and intentional hurt and that the latter is inexcusable. The last couple of weeks of 2021 I have been dealing with a bruised ego and❣️. What I can say is, beware of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Everyday we hope and pray that we get to see another day, we hope and pray we will have a bounce in our step and occasionally we meet someone who gives us an additional pep in our step…and occasionally that person who gave us that pep in our step pulls the rug from under our feet. We hurt, we wonder, but the next day we get up and while the pep in the step might be a little slower, we show up and we put one foot in front of the other and live to survive another day. What am I trying to say? This world is filled with so many people who walk around hurting other people unintentionally and intentionally, if we all thought a little more about our actions, we wouldn’t have so many people walking around telling themselves that they did something wrong when in actual fact they did not… Know this, when a person lets you down, hurts you, breaks your heart, it is beyond your control, you can’t control what another person does BUT you can control your future steps, by taking it one day at a time.

Be intentional, be purposeful, be kind to one another, don't hurt others, be forgiving, buy yourself flowers, take yourself on solo trips, read a love story (Yes guys, you too), cook a fantastic meal (Yes, I love food😋), drink a bottle of Gin, wake up with a hangover and remind yourself that you have purpose, dance like no one is watching and love yourself unconditionally! Here is to what is going to be a very special, flower filled, flower smelling and peaceful 2022.

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